Another major portion of our defense work involves actions involving vehicle accidents. We have been extremely successful in dismissing cases on the grounds that the plaintiff has not sustained "serious injury" under New York's Insurance Law.[*47] The cases in which we have defeated the plaintiff's claims on these grounds are too numerous to mention, but some of the reported cases are Amorillo v. Ziegler,[*48] Iglesias v. Inland Freightways, Inc. et al.,[*49] Filippini v. Beckworth.[*50]

We have been as successful in the Federal Court[*51] as State Court in having claims dismissed under Insurance Law §5102(d).

We have also won numerous decisions upholding defense verdicts for our clients on the grounds of lack of proximate cause of the injury, even when our client was found negligent.[*52]

In Marrero v. Osowicki[*53] we won a unanimous defense verdict finding no serious injury under each category of Section 5102(d), even though the jury found that our client caused the accident and even though the plaintiff[*54] established multiple herniated discs.

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