We have successfully represented scores of trucking companies and truck drivers in injury claims. We are well versed in the area of the interstate commerce rules regarding equipment and insurance requirements for tractor-trailers.

In Lagalla v. Campbell's Auto[*55] we obtained summary judgment on the grounds that our client's movement of his tractor-trailer to the right lane was not the proximate cause of the accident where a bus rear-ended the tractor trailer.

Marguerite Peck obtained a defense verdict on the behalf of Gemini Air Cargo in an airport collision involving a truck, airport tug, and cargo dolly. Plaintiff was struck by the cargo dolly after it was hit by the other vehicle. Ms. Peck was able to convince the jury that the truck operator was not negligent.[*56]

In the case of Borja v. Wright,[*57] John M. Downing Jr. successfully mounted a defense that our client's operation of a tractor-trailer in a four-vehicle accident did not cause the death of plaintiff-vehicle operator. Our client's tractor-trailer was the first of three trucks in line. The plaintiff and co-defendants claimed that our client's tractor-trailer began to fishtail in snow and ice conditions, thereby causing a chain reaction collision. Upon Mr. Downing's successful marshaling of evidence and pre-trial depositions, our client paid a small fraction of the settlement to the decedent's estate.

[*55] Supreme Ct., Queens County, Justice Robert D. Kalish, January 24, 2006
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